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FS: digital stuff

I have for sale in Cdn funds the following items:

item # 01: Selector switch and LDR -based attenuator $125

. Works with I2C commands, I've got it working with an Arduino library I've written. Integrates perfectly with DCB1. LDR's are tightly matched. Brand new and slightly used for testing. Isolated signal ground. This is a very transparent attenuator. 3 input 1 mute. Arduino can control input through rotary, pushbutton or remote.

item # 10: ODAC $90

nothing more to add except its slightly used.

item # 11: subu dac and psu $100

nothing else to say here except it sounds fantastic for the price. Wired for 115V primary. Does not include the filter.

item # 100: Wave IO $110

Nothing else to say here again except that it is brand new. It was connected for about 5 minutes just to see if it works.

Paypal fees and shipping not included.


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info on selector/attenuator:

tightly matched silonex ldr for shunt/series attenuation
omron relays for selctor and mute switching.
ds1803 I2C to control the current on ldr
pcf8547 I2C to control selector and mute

picture attached using salas bib for source current and arduino as controller board. Can easily control using pushbutton, rotary, remote or web when arduino is attached to usb port.

I also have extra boards for sale as well as parts for it. the boards can be wired for digital control as seen in these pics but also for analogue selector switch and pot.
board is $18 cad

contact by pm for details


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the wave io board is now sold.
item # 100: Wave IO $110 (sold)

tem # 01: Selector switch and LDR -based attenuator $125 (sold)
note: still another ldr selctor PCB available for sale

still for sale:

item # 10: ODAC $80

item # 11: subu dac and psu $100 ($125 including buffer and rca jacks as in picture)
replaced C32 thanks J-P.
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sorry but the buffer is only included if you buy the subu dac.

@hajj: you need to suppy voltage to the buffer. There is already the psu to supply the voltage to the dac board. I tested using 2 x 9v batteries. I also tried using a salas shunt at +/- 15V. sounds great for the price. Not as good as my dual B3 but were talking 10x the price. However, it does not sound 10x better than the subu .

all prices are in Dominion of Canada Dollars.