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FS: DG300B board set + Toroidy transformer

For sale a complete Neurochrome DG300B board set and a set of Toroidy transformers for this build. Bought this last year, but never got around to building it.

The DG300B board set consists of the following Neurochrome PCBs:

1x DG300B driver board
1x DG300B power supply board
1x 21st century maida regulator board (SMD populated by Neurochrome)
3x universal filament regulator board

Shipping from the Netherlands.
Price: 175 EUR + shipping

Specifications for the transformers are:

1x Power transformer 150VA (vacuum encapsuled, epoxy filled in a polished, stainless steel box)
Supreme Audio Grade V2 side wiring
Primary: 230 VAC
Secondary-1: 360 VAC @ 250 mA
Secondary-2: 60 VAC @ 60 mA
Secondary-3: 12 VAC @ 2 A
Secondary-4: 12 VAC @ 2 A
Secondary-5: 6 VAC @ 100 mA

2x Custom Tube output transformer for SE EXPO side wiring (vacuum encapsuled, epoxy filled in a polished, stainless steel box):
Wind for 300B tubes
Power rating: 15-25 W
Primary current: 100 mA
Primary inductance: >10 H
Primary impedance: 5 kOhm
Primary voltage swing: 800 V
Secondary impedance: 8 Ohms

Price: 500 euro + shipping

Will not seperate items, unless transformers sell first.
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Output and power transformers have been sold. Only the board set still available.


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