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FS.Demetri Monolith in UK

Hi folks have for sale a pair of Demetri Monoliths.Built from crown cut Finnish birch ply in 18mm and multiple layers of 12mm. Hole cut deep enough for a TB and the right dia. for all the FR drivers that have the same dimensions - B200 , FR8C etc.Internal damping is BAF,long fibre wool and Deflex panels. Internal cable is silver plated OFC and rear connection is gold plated.These enclosures are new,sanded and ready for finishing [ I recommend a clear wax - it comes up really well ] If you've never heard a good FR in one of these cabs you really don't know what you're missing.One of the best things about them is they're designed to fit flat to the wall,so take up no more room than a pair of floor standers and obviously FAR less than a pair of horns.I live on the border with Scotland and am prepared to bring them a reasonable distance but be aware these babies are big!Give me £400 and they are yours.Any questions just ask.Cheers Robin.


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