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FS: Definitive-technology 5.25" Cast-Frame Woofers, PE 299-706


2011-07-03 5:04 am
(no longer available)... Definitive-technology 5.25" Cast-Frame Woofers, PE 299-706

Definitive-Technology 5-1/4" magnesium cast-frame woofers, PE part # 299-706, marking on the back of the woofer is 1144A100. These were from PE Def-Tech factory buyout, T/S data and graph can be found on parts-express web site.
5-1/4" Cast Frame Woofer

5 of these woofers are available, four are new still in PE packaging; one is used (wires soldered to terminal tabs, a little dusty. It was used in testing only, never installed in a enclosure).

Also included are four 1-3/8" ID adjustable port-tubes, PE part #260-388
Parts Express Speaker Cabinet Port Tube 1-3/8" ID Adjustable

$50 shipped in the US, including everything (5 woofers plus 4 port-tubes). payment by paypal, I will cover the paypal fee.

No Longer Available.... (I have just realized how expensive the shipping is now-a-days, doesn't really make sense to ship these out. I will just donate them to the local Maker / Creater Space)
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