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FS: DALAUDIO retro amplifier chassis - Dynaco ST-120 - modified

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This is a modified DALAUDIO Retro (Dynaco ST-120) amplifier chassis.

I bought this chassis new and had the original paint stripped and powder coated it with a chrome-like finish. Unfortunately, I was not happy with the quality of the new powder coating. The last two pictures show the bubbles cropping up in the seams. Now this might not bother you, especially if you orient the unit with connections on sides. Repairing the bubbles may be an option too. The meter housing has some scrapes on it, the scrapes are limited to the interior and the exterior of the display still has protective film.

This unit is brand new, essentially, though the paint isn't 100% perfect. It comes as pictured with the RCA connectors, binding posts, feet, blue Sure voltmeter display (30V max), and some hardware. The RCAs and binding posts are a separate purchase from DALAUDIO. They are kind of unique to the chassis, trying alternatives might result in headaches.

So you have many options on how to complete this chassis. The rear hole is 22.5mm, installing a XLR jack for power like the Switchcraft B3M connector would be a perfect option. The front hole is roughly 12.50mm, there is a plethora of switch options to choose from. You could also reverse the setup and have the switch in back. Outfit the chassis as you see fit. Forgive dust in pictures.

Looking for $200. Shipping is an option. Local pickup an option, near Chicago and willing to drive a bit.


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