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FS:D19m DAC+D19m pre-amp Module

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D19m C4DA/24/48 – Quad 24 bit D/A, 48 kHz Operation

The C4DA/24/48 card can be used for standalone applications as well as in the D19m rack for TDM application.
On one card, four digital channels are converted to four analog outputs.
The converters receive their input signals either from the AES/EBU inputs (standalone application) or from the TDM bus.
The C4DA/24/48 card can be used next to the other D19m cards in a D19m rack.
If in standalone applications the synchronization should fail,
the clock will be generated from one of the AES/EBU inputs.
The channel status bits contain the source channel defined by the card address as well as the sampling frequency information.
The card can be used for sampling frequencies of 32 through 48 kHz.
For standalone operation, also twice these values are allowed. When using the AES/EBU inputs in standalone mode,
only the mode with two channels per line (transmitted with twice the transmission speed) is supported,
but not the mode with one channel per line
(CH1 in AES/EBU format corresponds to the first, CH2 to the second sample).

D19m MP4RC – Quad Remote Controlled Mic/Line In

The Mic/Line inputs (pre-amps) are equipped with 4 high-quality preampli- fires.
The gain can be controlled in 1 dB steps over a wide range.
The inputs are transformer-balanced and switchable between microphone and line level sensitivity.
Phantom power, high-pass filter and gain are remote controlled for each channel individually.
A simple limiter (clip protection) can be acti- vated for all 4 channels in common.
Control of the Mic/Line inputs is per- formed by an I2C bus coming from
the D19m RCC remote controller card 1.940.576 via the backplane.
A mute input signal per Mic/Line input permits to mute the signal independ- ent of the remote control signal.
The line output is electronically balanced. The Split Out supplies, regardless of the current gain setting,
a signal which is 26 dB above the mic input signal or 1 dB above the line input signal).

Power: + 15 / -15 and 5v

Input / Output: XLR or RCA (BNC)

Provide a complete wiring diagrams and connection socket

Price: DAC + Pre module 620 USD (free shipped to worldwide)

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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.