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FS: Corona Plasma tweeters, pair, Unobtanium

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Hi, for sale are 2 of them, Lansche Corona Plasma tweeters, looking in very good shape,overall tidy and clean. Consecutive serial numbers.

Front horn part has some time damage to the chrome plating, which looks to me that could easily be repaired by 1000, 2000, 3000 grit sanding and then polishing paste. The part is detachable so a pro could chrome plate it again cheaply. If it was me i would have sanded and polished them, then gold plated. I see now that the latest model they have is just black painted.

I have no info or whatsoever about if they are working, where they come from,their history etc. Most possibly sb passed away, people cleaned the house and at the end i bought them from such people.

Which says if you are lucky, they will be perfectly working, if not - i read somewhere that the house in Germany could refurbish and repair them. Most of the equipment i obtain this way is 100% functional, the tube amp i am listening right now could confirm it.

So being said that, send me your realistic offer via PM. For the moment i am open to offers.

My name is Boyan Silyavski, i am him , plus i am active member of many DIY forums and registered always by my real name, so rest assured about my sincerity. :goodbad:

Worth noting is that they come from 30 000$ to 100 000$ speakers. From what i see these are not only extremely rare but Unobtainable separately, so don't send me ridiculous offers please

Thanks for reading!

PS.I am very experienced DIYer but not exactly with electronics. But if you know how to test them and if i could, i will do it. Or want to see them disassembled partly, though they look intact with their elements inside, not empty i mean :).

I am in Spain, will post worldwide, trackable and if desired fully insured.

Here are the pictures:




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You may do better on eBay, these are going to be a bit rich for most of our membership I'd guess.

Thanks! Unfortunately it does not let me edit post, but images could be seen here https://goo.gl/photos/TfzXoWobTvHwpMu97

Possibly could go to ebay, but i just gave it a try here. Infact i was lurking here a lot lately, interested to build myself speakers, but these are a bit over my understanding and i don't have time to play with them.

I have hybrid 150w 8ohm per channel amp and classic JBl L112 monitors, so basically what i wanted was to dive in an open baffle design. if there was somebody to guide me and mentor me how to DIY sth from them i would not even sell them. I have CNC table so i could fashion anything or whatever big bass horn to go with them. But i lack the design knowledge.:spin:
Did you get the power transformers? Lansche will not work on tweeters that are not a part of a working speaker . The tweeters will not work, as they are.
No, i do not have them. How do you know that? I will contact them and ask.

But believe me, where there is $$$ talking there is not "NO" for an answer.

An experienced person could make himself transformers, test them, etc. After all he will not be paying 10 000$

So no need to be sorry :)
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.