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FS: Consonance Basie Preamp UPGRADED


2005-01-12 7:43 pm
For Sale: $650 obo

Consonance Basie with many upgrades in excellent condition. There is only one slight ding on the bottom right corner of wooden face panel, which is hardly noticeable, this was present upon arrival. I assembled the kit myself with great care as can be seen in the pictures. This pre is extremely quiet and no hum could be heard on 97db speakers. Fantastic preamp, my space and listening levels do not need an active pre so I moved to a passive pre.

Goldpoint Mini-V Series Type 50K with Vishay-Dale Volume Control
Auricap output capacitors
Auricap interstage coupling capacitors
ICW Clarity power supply caps
20 gauge continuous cast copper solid core enameled wire with high temperature sleeving throughout
Kiwame carbon film resistors in the signal path

Standard 5Z4P Rectifier and 3 12AU7 included
Negotiable Philips Miniwatt GZ32 and NOS ECC82 Philips can be included to take to the limit


This is located in Ann Arbor, MI