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FS: Components - Op-amps, IC's, semiconductors


2013-06-11 3:39 pm
Components brand new, never used. All genuine parts purchased from Digikey, Mouser or Farnell over the years. All have been stored carefully.

All prices are for the sets.

5 x LME49720HA (metal can) - £15

2 x LME49710HA (metal can)- £6

3 x LME49710MA (soic) - £5

4 x LME49710HA mounted on Brown Dog adapters - £20

2 x OPA1641AID mounted on BD dual to single adapter - £6

2 x LT1028 DIP8 with sockets mounted on BD dual to single DIP adapter - £6

£40 for all the op-amps and adapters.

8 X HEXFRED HFA06PB120 (1200V 6A TO-247) - £10

Payment by Paypal gift only. For UK all prices include postage


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