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FS: Complete set of Eico HF-81 Tubes + Telf ECC83 gift


2013-02-22 7:56 pm
for sale is a complete set of Eico HF-81 tubes. all original made by Mullard and some made by Italy. all as device had back then in 50s.
x4 6BM8/EL84 Mullard
x2 EZ81
x2 ECC82 Made in Italy
x3 ECC83 Mullard

these are pulled out of a working device and also tested on a TV7 tester.
and guess what?! buyer will get a pair of Telefunken ECC83/12AX7 as a gift. they got less that 50 hours but they were badly stored in humid environment, boxes were completely ruined and pins were rusted I cleared them with right chemical. all logoes was melted in the water and faded out the instant I gave them a wipe. :( but they are good to use.
price: 110USD OBO
shipment is up to you. PayPal adds fee.


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