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FS: Bulgin 110 V linear +-12 V supplies


2008-06-05 8:19 pm
For sale are three Bulgin (VxI) ESPDL-12/250 supplies.
Outputs are isolated and regulated symmetrical +-12 V, 250 mA from 110 VAC with low ripple and noise and full short-circuit protection. Well suited as an easy implemented and very reliable symmetrical supply for op amp-based projects. The weight is approx. half a kilogram each.

They are unused and in original packaging, and all three have been tested for voltage from no to full load and all work perfectly within specifications.
These are extremely rugged supplies both mechanically and electrically but unfortunately of little use in Europe as is. And since they are fully encapsulated they cannot easily be rewired to accept 230 V if some had that thought.

Tracked shipping to the US is around $30 for all three ($20 for one)
Will accept reasonable offers. These are around $120 retail each and close to impossible to break or fry.

Looking for something in the vicinity of $30-35 each.

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