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FS: Broskie Aikido MFP, etc.

I have started too many projects so it's time to cull one or two...

For sale, one Broskie Aikido MFB. Purchased via the Glassware/TubeCAD store, though not actually featured there, this is a variant of the Aikido stero line stage unit;

Aikido Noval Stereo PCB & Kit

but with the option of an active filter, up to fourth order, on it's input.


I was going to use this for a no-DAC DSD project and Broskie provided a schematic to build it with a second order low-pass filter with a -3dB point at 40KHz. He also provided options for unity or 5.5dB gain. Broskie specified a 12AX7 and 6DJ8 tube complement. The board is mostly assembled, but depending on the requirement configuration some resistors will be required; I used Multicap RTX for the output caps. (For cosmetic purposes I have installed a blue LED into each tube base, to be run from the filament supply.)

I also have an assembled but unused/tested Salas SSHV2 module that I was planning to use with the Aikido MFB;



For the Aikido MFB (with a brand new pair of 12AX7 tubes) and the Salas SSHV2 I am looking for £100 plus shipping (or I might consider splitting 80:20).

I will, of course include the documentation that Broskie provided. I'm happy to try and field any questions.

Thanks for looking