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FS: Bottlehead Foreplay Kit (early 2000 version)


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2003-01-27 2:36 am
South NJ

I have for sale a Bottlehead Foreplay preamp. I purchased it in the early 2000s.

Looking to get $150 + shipping, paypal but I'm open to offers.

It was working last time I tried it (maybe 9 years ago). Since it's been so long, and I cut the power cord when I packed it up back then, consider this an unfinished kit. You'll need to supply your own power cord. And I would definitely go over the circuit before applying power.

Here's what you'll get:
1) A populated top plate.

2) Manuals! This is where a lot of bottlehead gear's value comes from.

3) A Sweet Whispers upgrade (dual stepped attenuators)

4) An Anticipation, upgrade not built yet. This is the constant current source.

5) I built it using some special bottlehead wire that was highly regarded, looks like magnet wire.

6) Wood base, some masking tape marks, not yet assembled

Please see pictures. I think Parts1 is the original volume control plus some resistors to change the stepped attenuators if you choose.
Parts2 is the Anticipation upgrade.



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