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FS BG Ribbons Halfer dh200 parts


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2002-01-15 12:57 am
Tyrone Ga. U.S.A.
A few years ago I picked up a pair of small bg ribbons. I believe
they were rated at 4 ohms ~20w when used with a 250hz 12/db xover. This was not a real popular model and I can't find
any data on it. They measure 13.25" x 5.5" probably only 85db/w.
I paid $200 will take $100 for the pair. These are still in the factory plastic wrapping. USA sales only USA sales only!!

I have a damaged DH200. Some one dropped it braking the
internal fuse holders,one of the input jacks and warping the
bottom of the chassis a little not apparent till the cover is off.
But it still works fine. $90 as is and I will throw in a set of replacement fuse holders. Or I will sell the 2 working circuite boards,power caps and transformer for $40. No I will not
just sell one circuite board or a set of output devices ect.
Either the whole amp or the transformer and boards. USA
sales only USA SALES only.

The last time I ofered anything and said USA SALES only I still
had people ask how much to ship to Spain ect. Please don't ask!


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2002-01-15 12:57 am
Tyrone Ga. U.S.A.
I am lowering the price on the BG ribbons model A12 to
$80 + shipping I have no data on these drivers I repeat
I have no data on them. Price good next 72 hours or till

No one has taken the halfer amp so I am withdrawing it from
sale. The working drive boards,caps and transformer are still
available and I am redusing them to $30 + shipping. Price
good for next 72 hours or till sold.