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FS: BG Neo10, Airborne AMT 5002 (Southern California pickup or USPS)


2011-04-05 6:47 am
Product Brand & Model:

Bohlender Graebener Neo10 Planar Midrange
$125 each new price $115
Bohlender Graebener Neo10 Planar Transducer 264-715

Airborne RT 5002 AMT Tweeter
$70 each new price $60

Condition of all items:

All speakers lightly used. I can provide TS parameters upon request.

Shipping Terms: :

Shipping will be $10 insured for a pair of speakers with priority USPS


I'll throw in this free new in box, not opened microphone stand if the buyer is willing to pay for shipping it.

Reason for selling:
Going with a simpler setup with the smaller BG Neo8 and a smaller AMT tweeter.

One more pair of each will be on sale in a month.
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2011-04-05 6:47 am
Knocking the price down to $115/piece for Neo10 and and $60each for the Airborne.

For reference, the Neo10 sells for $200/piece at PE and it is out of stock. Airborne is listed at $107/piece Canadian dollars, add to that Solen shipping costs to U.S. which are unusually high.