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FS: Bent Audio NOH TVC preamplifier 'full equipe' (S&B Trans)


2008-12-28 9:37 am
FS: Bent Audio NOH TVC preamp and DACT CT100 phono board

This is a full-fledged Bent Audio NOH operating TVC preamplifier with all options:
-4 RCA inputs
-2 XLR inputs
-1 RCA tape/headphone amp output (switchable)
-2 RCA line outputs (ground switch RCA/XLR)
-1 XLR line ouput
-remote source selection (relais, original Bent NOH kit boards)
-remote volume control (stepped motor, original Bent NOH kit unit)
-S&B transformers (TX102 copper version) inside
-somewhat ugly case (yep this was as originaly provided by Bent Audio... later TAP versions were much nicer!) with some small scratches on top plate.

I owned too 'Music First' (S&B original) Copper and Silver (mk1) versions, the Bent won on practical and musical aspects over them.
But I am not using it (went to integrated) hence sale... 950 euro plus shipping (inside EU sale prefered) is a bargain to have home an S&B-inside preamplifier (with remote).

Thanks for your interest
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2008-12-28 9:37 am
Some photos always helpful!

The top cover pic was taken with some lights trying to show the marks at its BAD (in direct view they look better than that but I prefer to underline them to avoid nasty surprises ok?)


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2008-12-28 9:37 am