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FS: Beagle Board REV.C ARM Cortex-A8 OMAP3530


2008-06-30 8:06 pm
You probably know what this is already if you clicked here =) But anyway, this is a great little TI OMAP3530 dev board with lots of peripherals (like HDMI outputs, SD card, USB, PS/2, etc..). Great for your next embedded project! It is TINY!!!

Read more about it here - BeagleBoard.org - default

More cool quick info about it here - Beagle Board | BeagleBoard Distributor

I bought it from DigiKey a while ago - Digi-Key - 296-23428-ND (Manufacturer - BEAGLE)

Selling it now for $120 w/Free Shipping (within the US) OBO. Thanks!