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FS: Balanced parafeed Pre-amp pcb's


2007-11-08 9:33 pm
I made myself pcb's to build my parafeed-linestage, and i now two spare boards left.
The line-stage pcb does have room for cascoded DN2540 CCS for each triode-half, two large coolers, common bias-resistor for both phases in each channel, LL1674 / LL1676 output transformers, and the signal layout is for dual mono (separate gnd for each channel) it is possible to put the two tube heaters in either parallell or series. built for 9-pin tubes with ECC88/6n6p/6h30p/6n1p pinout. No room for PSU, that you'll have to make separate pcb's for.
The circuit is like the Raleigh audio parafeed stage ( http://www.raleighaudio.com/figure_18.htm ) but with cascoded DN2540's as CCS. Schematics is now in post #6 below!

The PCB itself is 10x20cm, 1,6mm thick, 2oz copper and i made it possible to use risers if you want to mount the tubes in horizontal position.

I would want €30 for one board. Drop me a PM..

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