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FS: Aura NS3-193s (Black)

I bought a bunch of Aura NS3-193-8A1 3" black speakers a few months ago to build a pair of line arrays. Well, plans changed so I'm going to put them up for sale.

1-4 = $14 each
5-10 = $13 each
11+ = $12 each

Madisound sold these for $19.50 each new but are showing almost all Aurasound drivers as "Out of Stock". I don't know if they're not going to carry Aurasound anymore or what.

Here are the pages to them:


Shipping will be on the buyer via UPS. I have an account with them and get a discount so it shouldn't be too bad. Just send me an email with how many you'd like and a zip code and I can quote you the total price.

Note: These are not the drivers PE was selling a few months ago. These were purchased new from Madisound and have the Aura logos on the magnets.