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FS: "Aunt Corey's" BUF-03 Preamp PCB - New Lower Price

Recently I've received several PMs from members wondering if I'm still offering these boards.
Yes, I am and the they're $8 USD less than the previous version.

It's a PCB for building "Aunt Corey's Homemade Buffered Passive Preamplifier".
The design first appeared in Stereophile magazine back in 1991:
Aunt Corey's Homemade Buffered Passive Preamplifier | Stereophile.com

Even though the BUF-03's have been discontinued by Analog Devices, there are several sellers on Ebay who are still selling them in various grades.

Price is now $10 ea. plus shipping, instead of $18 ea. for the older boards.


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Sorry OliverC and pboser, I haven't been following my own thread here.:eek:

If you guys will PM your address, I'll see if I can get a shipping quote from the post office.

As for original BUF-03s, they're very difficult to find now and I would NOT trust any Asian seller for them unless they're selling used ones. The photos of the used ones appear to be the real deal, but who really knows for sure?

There is a Russian seller on eBay that is selling a pair of "F" grades that appear to be authentic, though they're not cheap.
BUF03FJ 2pcs Pair 100 Original New Old Stock RARE Super Sound | eBay



2014-05-25 6:18 pm
I would have a question: after inspecting again the original STEREOPLAY article (Aunt Corey buffer) i observed that the PCB pic you provided doesn't seem to allow the mounting of the 1µF cap bypasses onto the PCB; of course these could be soldered on the backside of the pcb...is this corect and is there a particular reason for this ?

of course these could be soldered on the backside of the pcb...is this corect and is there a particular reason for this ?

Just solder your bypass caps directly to the pads of each electrolytic under the board.

No particular reason...it's simple and effective without having to make the board any larger for the 4 additional through-hole caps.;)

One other thing guys, DON'T even think about using the BUF ICs without heatsinks. They get quite warm and will self-destruct without the appropriate heatsinks.
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