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FS: AudioTechnology 10C77-25-10-SD-KAP + 18H52-06-13-SDKT-WR

Its my sad duty to put on sale my beloved Audiotechnology 10C77-25-10-SD-KAP and 18H52-06-13-SDKT-WR

The 18H52 features a titanium voice coil custom made for them and installed in Audiotechnology factory. They are really unique drivers.
The 10C77 are sandwich cone version.
Attached you will find proper TS parameters measured at AudioTechnology factory.

They are really misused because they might have less than 20 hours of playing and no more. I build a nice 3 Way active floorstanders that I couldn't really enjoy and now I need to leave them.
I'm moving and I have to sell my system and reconfigure everything (life, Audio and everything).
Because it will be very difficult to sell the floorstandes itself, i would sell drivers alone.

Regular price for 18H52 (not this titanium VC version) is 275 euro each (550 pair), this version with Titanium Voice coil was 720 euro pair. I’m selling the pair for 450€

Regular price for 10C77 is 695 euro each (1390 pair). I’m selling the pair for 1000€

Not included shipping or ebay fees if apply
I'm based in Malaga (Spain) Please, ask for shipping quotation.
I do have original boxes all of them.



2012-02-10 12:12 pm
I have a suggestion for you. To reduce the risk of a wasted funds, keep the 18H and build a high quality 2 way loudspeaker, if you can. Its specs are very good for good quality bass performance in a not very large a cabinet and high sensitivity, for a hifi unit. The greatest issue and challenge is to find the right xo filter.