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FS Audiosector Gain Clones plus......

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Here are my LM3875 boards, fully built, tested and ready to put in a chassis. I did build a big bad *** amp based on these but then I got offered some crazy good speakers which needed more power, more on them to follow as they are up for sale soon. So I never really got to hear these but those that have love them, to be fair I have a problem holding onto stuff and i dont even listen to music, but I do like to build....

All soldering done with Cardas silver solder purchased from hifi-collective, I clean all leads with IPA prior to stuffing and wash the PCB's with Safewash on completion, these are the best boards Peter sells, carefully selected high grade parts and I have upgraded the PS caps for the sale because I siliconed them to the case for reasons I cant explain. (aka OCD) Its worth reading a bit if you havnt seen these. LM3875 Kit – Audiosector I also purchased the add on rectifier kit to make my amp dual mono, here is a pic.

I should mention that Peter hasnt updated his site for a long time, those hand made gold plated PCB's where superseded by the versions I am selling. PCB's on their own with 2200uf instead of 1500uf £70. plus post.

Also for sale.....
2x 300VA 25V transformers from my build, these are quite substantial and allow for a dual mono construction, £45 the pair plus post. (fitting kits included)Error page | eBay.

Also for sale...
Totally against the very ethos of Peters design, a pair of speaker protection circuits, these are stereo but I used 2 to make it dual mono from the volume out. I did a lot of research and I found a lot of posts saying these could not be detected in the signal, worth it if you have very expensive speakers! These are Velleman K4700, they come as a kit but you dont need to build em because I already have, and they have been tested! I will include the instruction book, these have been built for the gain clones. These just need 230v supply. £30 plus post.

alternatively buy the lot for £120 plus post. Paypal friends please or welcome to collect, I live Nr Reading. RG75RS.
Protection circuit

If you would like to use the protection circuits an another amp then I just want to point out the way the circuits have been built for Gain Clones. All diodes are installed but R23 to R26 have been left out according to instructions, I know these work because my PC used to spit out a bit of DC if I booted it last and the protection circuits used to click in. So its easy to change how they work, From the manual.


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Would you consider shipping to the US? I have a nice chassis that I built around this particular set of boards, but I blew one out somehow.

I will post anywhere! Ive given another member (tubesurf) a quote for postage to america but that included traffos, he hasnt replied yet, I guess I should wait as he said he wanted them unless he wants to get back in touch, not sure the time where he is in Guam.

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