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FS: Audio Precision APIB Interface Card

Selling an Audio Precision APIB Interface Card for the System One. Works perfect, mint condition. No longer available from AP. Originally $600 new, looking for $350.

Package details: (for determining shipping cost)
26 x 20 x 7cm

Recommended Interface for Older Audio Precision Analyzers

I strongly recommend that anyone needing an interface for a System 1 or System 2 look into the S1USB interface sold by Duke Aguiar (Audio1Man).
IMHO this interface is much better than the older ISA cards and other cards that needed to be intalled into one specific computer. The adapter is USB so it can plug into any computer. It allows use with modern operating systems and runs flawlessly With APWin 2.24 (latest version of APWin)

If you buy an older Audio Precision without an interface card, This is definitely the hardware you need to run it.

Steve Hogan