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FS: Aspen Amplifiers Lifeforce LF100 modules

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I have for sale two superbly sounding LF100 modules. They are in perfect working order, built with best components available: matched output transistors, Nichicon FG decoupling capacitors, KZ Muse feedback capacitor, Black Gate STD capacitors, Mills emitter resistors and Sonicap 1uF input capacitor, which is not visible on photo. This is probably one best LF100 amplifier ever made.

More info: ::: Aspen Amplifiers :::

Price is 225 EUR / module + shipping and include LF100 module attached on alu U profile and Fischer elektronik heatsink with dimensions of 300x40x65mm. It is also possible to order without heatsink.

P.S.: I can also provide two quality 300VA 230V toroid transformers and two power supplies with fast diodes and 4x6800uF Nichicon KG caps per channel (like those on last photo).

Contact: moonaudio (at) gmail.com


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As I get few question about it, here come answers:

Power rating: 100W / 8ohm, 180W / 4ohm, stable down to 2.5 ohm. 740mV need for full power.

Distorsion profile is dominant 2nd harmonic, 3rd much down, higher harmonic components not visible.

It`s sound could be described as open, detailed and transparent, but newer missed of musical emotion.
Why do you wanna sell?

I have a plan about building new pair of high sensitivity loudspeakers in nearest future. Will need only a fraction power of these.

Actually LF100 are great sounding amplifier modules. I compare them to Hegel integrated (cca 2600 EUR) and Ncore 400. Hegel sounded muddy with less presence. Comparison with Ncore 400 was more interesting. Both have similar transparency. Ncore has a bit better definition in bass, but fails in terms of musicality. Female and especially male vocals sounded more realistic on LF100. Timbre was also much better on LF100.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.