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FS: ARA BE crossover parts


2004-01-08 6:41 pm
Would like to sell crossover parts for SBacoustics ARA BE loudspeakers.
I think I spend like 200+euro for it and would like to get 150euro with shipping in EU.

All parts are Jantzen

R1 2.2 10W Superes
R2 8.2 10W Superes
R3 6.8 10W Superes
R4 3.9 10W Superes
R5 12 10W Superes
R6 5.6 10W Superes

C1 5.6 400V Jantzen Silver Z-Cap 5,60µF
C2 68 100V Jantzen Premium ELKO 68,00µF 70VDC
C3 4.7 400V Jantzen Standard Z-Cap 4,70µF 400VDC

L1 0,22mH 0,7mm Air Core Coil 0,220mH +/-3% 0,370Ω
L2 0,68mH 0,5mm Air Core Coil 0,680mH +/-3% 1,220Ω wire 0,50mm
L3 1mH 1,4mm Air Core Coil 1,000mH +/-3% 0,285Ω wire 1,40mm
L4 0,47mH 1,2mm Air Core Coil 0,470mH +/-3% 0,259Ω wire 1,20mm


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