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FS AR turntable, JBL woffers and Pioneer sr101


Paid Member
2002-01-15 12:57 am
Tyrone Ga. U.S.A.
I am running out of room so these are for sale. No I am not interested in any trades. All sales U.S.A. only, price + shipping.
Prices firm ! All sales as is. prices good 2 weeks only!

2 JBL 2202H one is fine the other one HAD a rubbing voice coil
that I was able to recenter so this one is iffy $120 for the pair.

Pioneer SR101 reverb amp. It powers up without blowing fuses
or any bad oder. The tubes are all in place but for $25 I am not
going to check it out further. Would make a good tube preamp
chassis !

Vintage AR turntable with a replacement belt I bought 2 years
ago and never installed. No dust cover or mat. I will throw in
an old Platter Pad. Comes with an old Shure cart. I can't see the model # on the cart. The whole thing needs a good dusting ect.
but the motor runs fine. $25


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