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FS: Apollon NC500-based monos with Sonic Imagery opamps

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I am selling my two Hypex NC500-based monoblocks manufactured by Apollon.
Each monoblock contains a Hypex SMPS1200A700, a Hypex NC500 module, Apollon's standby control board and Apollon's buffer with Sonic Imagery 994 discrete opamps.

Pictures can be seen here.

The monoblocks sport large OEM rhodium plated copper binding posts, as well as a third miniature Audio Note silver plated binding post connected to the chassis and electrical group, which can be used, for instance, to connect the shield of shielded speaker cables or connect to the chassis of other components. The lids are padded with two Alubutyl sheets and there are caoutchouc strips to prevent any rattle. The feeling is VERY sturdy and much more solid than untreated Modu cases.

From the pictures you can see how carefully they are packaged for shipment: they are placed into two cardboard boxes with bubble wrap and styrofoam, and the two boxes are then put into a larger box with two double wall cardboard layers with styrofoam in between (on the bottom as well). To destroy the content one has to use a road roller! I used the same box to ship them back to Apollon for some upgrades (buffer board and control board) and therefore the box is tested ;-) I am the first owner and mine is a smoke-free and pet-free household. As you can see I have treated them carefully and show barely any scratch.

I am asking 1200 EUR for the pair plus shipping to any place in Europe.
Note that their original selling price of the pair is 2000 EUR, and for comparison:
  • A pair of Audiophonics NC400 monoblocks, with smaller power and power supplies, no custom buffer, will cost 1400EUR.
  • Same for a pair of Hypex original NC400 monoblock kits (which you have to assemble).
  • If you include VAT, also a pair of Ghent Audio IcePower GA-M500P based monoblocks, will cost 1400 EUR as well.
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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.