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FS Amanero-Hermes-Cronus Combo 45.1584/49.152MHz Clocks+B3SE+Oled controller+2x5V ps


I have for sale the following:
1. Amanero-Hermes-Cronus Combo - 45.1584/49.152MHz Clocks Sold
2. B3SE dac , CE Designs controller, Apple remote, Mercury IV Sold
The B3SE includes all voltage regulators, the 1.2V regulator is soldered under the dac board. The dac supports only i2s input at this moment because I have removed the input muxes that shift between i2s and spdif. I will provide together with the dac also the original mcu with tpa firmware for B3SE dac when used asynchronous and also a few blank mcus in case you want to use the dac synchronous and will to burn the appropriate firmware.
The CE Designs controller(uses an NewHaven 20x4 oled display) has the firmware modified to be used with a rotary encoder, firmware that is actually written on the mcu. Original firmware uses push buttons to move the volume or navigate through the menu. You can find more info about the dac controller and also the source code here GitHub - ce-designs/SabreCE: For controlling a Sabre DAC . Unfortunately his site doesn`t work no more for a few years by now, I can provide a schematic for the controller if needed.
With the dac controller is included also an Apple remote.
3. Dual 5V power supply and Schaffner FN9290-1-06 Dual stage filter Power Entry Module 140eu
More info about the dual 5V power supply you can find here FS dual lt3081 voltage regulator pcb & lt3081/lt3091 bipolar power supply pcb

A short video that demonstrates the functionality can be done if the buyer wishes.

Ps. I have a dual mono ultra low noise power supply that can be sold together with the Mercury IV, price 110eu



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Prices updated. I have included some photos with the power supply for the iv stage(the ps is adjustable and can go up to +/-24v ) and also a thd measurement for the dac with the mercury iv


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