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FS: AER MD3 / BD3 Drivers $3000


2007-07-10 7:55 pm
SOLD: AER MD3 / BD3 Drivers $3000

$3000 obo + shipping/paypal fees (SOLD)

Lightly used AER MD3/BD3 drivers purchased in 2014. Ordering these requires getting in touch with the owner and sole employee of AER, which is very difficult, waiting at least 8 weeks, and paying import duties on a $5k+ purchase. These are ready to go!

AER are the best full range drivers available, and when used in a horn provide an amazing, immersive and 3D listening experience unequaled by typical dynamic speakers.

There are also some Oris horns being sold by pwag that will fit these drivers. He is the original owner of these drivers. I have decided to go another direction for now and I never used them. Here is a link to the Oris horns:





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