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FS: AE TD6H pair

For sale:

One pair Acoustic Elegance TD6H-8. Adult owned, lightly used.

Speaker cable soldered to one pair of the terminals (each speaker has
two pair of terminals).

A little dusty, and a little rash around the mounting holes, but not bad.

$300 Shipped from 91104 (or pickup). US only.

[email protected] ignore gmail.com


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how much does this lot weigh + rough packing dimensions? i'm considering getting it and getting it shipped to join some other stuff thats being shipped to me from the US, so that its coming to me, but you only need ship domestic

to be clear, whats left for sale, as a lot is

Behringer ECM8000
Blue icicle XLR to USB converter.
Bag of miscellanous crossover components

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