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Fs ADS L690 drivers Alph x boards


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2002-01-15 12:57 am
Tyrone Ga. U.S.A.
One woffer, 2 tweeters crossovers with input jacks.

The woffer has a little rust on it but is healthy. The tweeters
are dirty but work. all for $20 + shipping. U.S.A. only

I started to stuff a pair of early alphx boards and lost intrest.
I don't rember what version, what seriese Black Gate caps
are soldered in ect. Most of the parts except the fets have been
soldered in. No fets are included. AS IS and I mean AS IS I
don't guarentee my soldering ect. No I don't have the output
boards ect. I might include the board mounted fets if you
don't ask ANY questions. I can take paypal. $25 and I pay shipping U.S.A. ONLY. The picture will be in the next post.
Please at this price no questions.


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