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FS: AD844,OPA627,AD797,LT1028...

Hi, I am selling the following items. They are used "genuine" parts but in good condition. Most of them are pulls from precision instruments. All op amps are tested before shipping. Shipping is $5 worldwide for up to 50g.

Used parts:
BUF03FJ (TO-99) $5.5ea ->6pcs. DIP converted (including the DIP converter board).
Signetics NE5534A/BPA (DIP) $10ea ->only 4pcs. military grade. very hard to find.
ADEL2020 (DIP) $1.5ea
AD844AN (DIP) $1.5ea ->best for I/V. Read the AD844 thread.
OPA627AU (SOIC) $2.5ea
AD797A (SOIC) $3.5ea
LT1028 (SOIC) $1.5ea ->ultra low noise op amp.
LT1763CS8-5 (SOIC) 20pcs $2ea ->ultra low noise +5V LDO, excellent for digital receivers

NEW TDK C4532C0G1H224J320KA MLCC, 1812, C0G, 50V, 220NF/0.22uF $0.4 ea. Check here
NEW Single SOIC-to-DIP OP adapter 1cm x 1cm (include 8 high quality golden pins from Taiwan) $1 ea.
NEW Dual SOIC-to-DIP OP adapter board 1.2cm x 1.2cm (include 8 high quality golden pins from Taiwan) $1 ea.
*convert two single soic ops into one dip dual op








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