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Fs:ad1865n-k Non Over Sampling Dac Completed Board


2007-11-14 5:53 am
This D/A made by myself, I designed from schematic of Audio Note Dac Kit 1.1 which shown in internet link but I changed something to go to hi-end concept such as

1.Changed low impedance +/- 5V to walt jung super regulator and spectral dmc-20 current biasing
2.Changed chip input receiver from CS8412 to CS814
3.Changed AD1865N to AD1865N-K grade
4.Changed ECC82 to ECC802S
5.Changed diode recifier to tube rectifier EZ-80 RCA

New schematic included if you want, PCB screened on top overlay and bottom layer

I sale only full assembled PCB + transformer+aluminium anodized chassis
I ask for 350 USD shipping included, email if you want other details

Paypal accept !



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2007-11-14 5:53 am
FS : Audio Note Dac5 Digital Board (original From Factory)

I bought from my friend but now I already have a cloned of it, this board included CS8414 + AD1865N-K + SUB REGULATOR

NOTICE: This board assembled in Audio Note DAC5 (30,000 €) not as DAC KIT !!! there're some different point on pcb !!!

Original from factory like a new board !

All capacitors are Black Gate Rubycon (Japan)
All resistors are ALLEN BRADLEY
Tested and ready to connect to valve buffer with ECC88 or ECC32 or ECC82 or ECC83


I ask for 500 USD included shipping



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