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FS - Acoustic Research AR5-AR15-AR2C Speakers

FS - Acoustic Research AR5-AR15-AR17-AR2C Speakers

1. One pair of (Black) AR5's in good shape. $200
2. 3 pairs (All black) (6 speakers total) of AR15's in good shape. 2 pairs of the AR15's are NIB. Opened a few times and put back in the box. $75 per pair or if you take all 3 pair, I'll take $200
3. Two AR2C's (Both black). These are "production standard" samples. In other words they were never for sale, but are engineering samples. $100 each
4. One pair of AR17's (Cherry) NIB. $75

These speakers need to find another home. Make me an offer.

Even though some of these speakers are NIB, the foam around the tweeters is starting to degrade. All these speakers have always been in an air conditioned house. No smoking, well cared for.

AR17_060516 (3).jpg
AR5 Hi Res_060516 (5).jpg
AR2C_060516 (1).jpg
AR15_060516 (4).jpg

Orlando Area - Local pick-up preferred.
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