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FS ACKODAC all dressed


2009-05-31 2:35 am
OK. Before you ask...Why? Because I have few D/A converters at home
and even it's very good sounding, I'm selling it.

You can see on the picture what is for sale:

AKD12P (mainboard) + external clock (not turbo) +
AKC-12 (mcu: it's been updated by Acko last summer) +
AKR power supplies + SPDIF module (this one has been modded
to put an RCA connector. If you want the BNC back, you'll have
to solder the center pin). + TTL cable.
BONUS: two micro-coax cables (Hirose). One 200mm with both ends
terminated + one 35cm with one end terminated (the other end is on
the SPDIF module). Since I used a LIFePO4 battery for the clock board, Acko suggested to remove FB1. I put it in bag.
Asking $500.00 + shipping (+ paypal if you use it).
Thanks for looking.



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