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FS: Accuton C90-13-089 (C89-T13)

I've got two lightly used (matched) pairs of these unobtanium drivers. These are the 13 ohm version of the C90-6-089.


Because of the impedence they're perfect for an MTM or MTMW. I hate to part with these. These are probably my favorite midrange driver of all the ones I've tinkered with. Not quite as detailed as the ubiquitous C79, but still very clear and much MUCH warmer and tactile sounding. My first experience with these was using them to replace an Accuton C95 in a prototype I was working on. A number of friends were there and they all just about fell out of their chairs when I made the change. The C95 is nice, but they can't hold a candle to these in the mids.

$450 pair + half shipping (from Arizona, USA)
dsrviola at yahoo dot com
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