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FS : Accuton C²12 ? tweeters


2016-03-29 2:35 pm


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HighSPL, I think many more people would be interested if you had
a paypal account, which you informed me you didn't know what that was.

Based on the information you provided me I found you did have an ebay account.
summerized here, it appeared to be a US based account but items were from Romania.

Sadly, the positive feedback was extremely low at only 60% and negative feedback
warned against dealing with the person.

When I emailed you regarding this I never head back from you to explain yourself.

I have no way of knowing what your intentions are, but based on public information
40 percent is negative. (and those are ones that are reported).

eBay link I found:

eBay Feedback Profile for bonzo-3565