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FS 68000uF 50Vdc Electrolytic Capacitor by BC Components

Hi Friends,

I've just got a box of 68000uF 50Vdc Capacitors made by BC Components. These are NOS with same date code 0029.
My LC analyzer registered >68000uF for all of them.

Diameter : 2.00 in (51mm)
Height : 4.65 in (118mm)
Terminal height : 0.28 in (7mm)
Weight : 12.2 oz (346g)

Each comes with 2 machine screws for the terminals.

Please make an offer...

Thanks for lloking.


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16 capacitors sold! Only 20 left.

For potential buyers in EU and other countries, the cheapest way to ship 10 (about 3.6 Kg) or more units (up to 9 Kg) by AIR is USPS Priority Mail flat rate box (USD37). It will take 5 to 14 days to arrive, depends on the country of destination.

The size of the flat rate box is 280mm x 216mm x 138mm. You can put as many as you want until the box is full (not to exceed 9 Kg).

For sea mail, I have to check with the post office and come back later.

Thanks for your interest in the item.
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zeonrider said:
I,am like hamster!

Would that be the Hamster who rode a jet car to glory in Britain last year?


Of course, knowing the Serbian fascination with large magnets and currents it'd probably be a Mach 3 railgun-driven car....

Anyway, back on topic, with that number of capacitors you might want to look into CRC filtering.