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FS: 6.5" silver flute shielded 8 ohm = $40 pair (free shipping)

(sale pending) 6.5" silver flute shielded 8 ohm = $40 pair (free shipping)

As of 27 Nov 2016 night, only 1 pair used 6.5" and boxes.
See end of ad.

These 6.5" are currently sold out at Madisound.
The other 2 models (silver flute not shielded) of 6.5" available there are $29.80 each, not including shipping.

Smooth, not soggy sound, perhaps an mtm option...........

These are the flattest measuring 6.5" silver flutes.


6.5" Specs here at meniscus but $35 each plus shipping.


Money order preferred, United States only, but I will also accept a personal check and ship when clears.

Thanks for looking !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Couldn't tell you.

I can say these crossed actively [email protected] LR sounded very good.

This 6.5" factory measured response looks better than the 6.5" sf used in the Gemme Audio tanto.
That had woof run wide open with a single capped xt19.
Gemme Audio Tanto Review

In your opinion would the xt19 pair better than the xt25?
I have no experience with the XT19
I have XT25 and they sound good (on Axis) but seems shallow sweet spot with them.

Do you still have 2 pair of the shielded 6.5"?
Ugh. No I don't check this thread often.

I apologize, but I do check for the emails usually daily as it is easy to see in the upper right.

I have no experience with either xt19 or 25.
Dispersion, output, crossover slope, couldn't say what would work better.

I prefer a money order.

I've just responded with goody then checked swap meet and saw these posts.
Whatever he doesn't want or if he doesn't do money order, you can be next.

I also have 5 new 8" 4ohm in original styrofoam but he thinks he may want them too.
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