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FS: 4P1L line stage with LL1671/30mA nice enclosure

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I built this line stage, that I have no immediate need, using my last PCB that holds majority of the components and sub-assemblies. Here is the link to the previous PCB gain stage: https://simplepleasuretubeamps.wordpress.com/2015/10/28/shiny-eyes-4p1l-gain-stage-19db-on-pcb/.
The enclosure is Paesante 3U and added Brazilian cherry 3/4" sides in a nice claear coat finish.
In this case I used the CCS on the board followed by a CDE 10uF 400V film to supply to the 4P1L loaded onto the LL1671 at 30mA, 155V,-9V.
• Mains: 120Vac
• Power consumed at 120Vac 60Hz: about 55-60W
• Frequency response: 17Hz-40kHz @ +0.2dB
• THD: less than 0.1 % at 4Vrms output
• Gain : x2.25 at 1kHz or 7dB.
• Input impedance : 330K
• Output impedance measured with 1M and 10k loads: 140 ohms
• Weight: about 24 lbs
• Dimensions: 475mmx 305mmx 130mm (about 18.7"x 12"x 5.1")
• Start-up time delay: about 25 seconds
This line stage has one input and one output.
4P1L DHT line stage can be modified ( there is plenty of room inside the Paesante 3U) to create more features, such as:
• volume control
• switch high gain/low gain (18dB/7dB)

I am asking $1000 plus shipping.


  • finish product-front view.JPG
    finish product-front view.JPG
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  • finish product-R side view.JPG
    finish product-R side view.JPG
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  • finish product-Rear view.JPG
    finish product-Rear view.JPG
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  • finish product-L side view.JPG
    finish product-L side view.JPG
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  • top view 2.jpg
    top view 2.jpg
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  • view above front without front panel.JPG
    view above front without front panel.JPG
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  • partial assembled.JPG
    partial assembled.JPG
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  • detail socket 4P1L.jpg
    detail socket 4P1L.jpg
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