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FS: 4 pair RCA connectors, $16


Paid Member
2003-01-27 2:36 am
South NJ
Each connector is two pieces of metal, a barrel that screws onto the plug assembly. I looked them over but can't see any brand markings.

It's difficult to see in the pictures, so I'll describe them:

There are two set screws on the plug assembly: one up front for the wire that connects the plug. The other is either for strain relief or ground. There are 2 concentric tabs for soldering the ground/shield.

The barrel is a dark, shiny metal, maybe black chrome. The plug looks like gold plated. I can't guarantee that's what they actually are though.

5 appear fine. 3 of them are missing the strain relief set screw and/or have the 2 flexible shield tabs bent or missing. Shouldn't be an issue if you're soldering them.

I'm sorry for the quality of the pictures, my camera and skills aren't very good.

I'll charge actual cost for shipping plus paypal fees.


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