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FS: 4 Exodus DPL-15 Woofers

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(4) Exodus DPL-15 Dipole woofers never been mounted or used. Absolutely brand new.

They each come with a removable factory rubber gasket for mounting.

These are brand new in factory boxes. Orig. $170.00 each new

Located in Santa Clara, Ca. 95050

4 for $480
2 for $260

split shipping

EMAIL= jimrbob69@gmail.com

can use paypal if you wish





The DPL-15 is our Infinite Baffle or Dipole based subwoofer. It will work equally well in both applications. What makes for a good dipole or IB subwoofer? Lots of usable stroke, low distortion, a good inductance curve, and parameters that give usable output without the need for equalization.
The DPL-15 delivers those all in spades having a clean 22mm of x-max and our XBL^2 motor designs offer clean output with low distortion. The AlCu shorting rings don't just lower inductance, they linearize it over the stroke of the driver and with power and frequency. That is the key to lowering inductance related distortion and the superb performance of the DPL-15.

Physical Parameters
• Diameter: 15.5"
• Cutout: 14"
• Depth: 8"
• Rebate depth: 0.75"
• Weight: 20lbs.
T/S Parameters
• Fs: 19 Hz
• Le: 1.6mH
• Re: 6.1 Ohms (Single 8 Ohm VC)
• Qms: 3.27
• Qes: .84
• Qts: 0.67
• Mms: 271g
• Cms: 0.23 mm/N
• Vas: 232L
• Sd: 830 cm^2
• Vd: 3.65L
• BL: 15
• X-max: 22mm
• X-mech: 29mm
• Pmax: 600W
• 85dB/1W/1m
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.