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FS: 320 pcs genuine Toshiba 2SK170 Jfets

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All Jfets Sold..........

I have 2 packages left of jfets purchased form Mouser Electronics about 5 to 7 years ago:
1) 160pcs 2SK170-GR SOLD
2) 100pcs 2SK170-GR SOLD
3) 60pcs 2SK170-BL SOLD
They are of course in the TO-92 form.
I will consider all offers for these 2 packages, though I prefer to sell all together.

They were purchased towards the end of when Mouser was still stocking them, direct from Toshiba, listed as Japan origin. I believe I bought them on 3 separate occasions. Mouser was and still is an authorized Toshiba distributor and of course these are considered to be genuine. These anti-static packages have not been opened, and I will not be opening them for pictures or whatever. I will not be opening the packages to sell less than the amounts labeled on them.

In addition to these, I have over 2300 other pieces of toshiba fets including 2SK170, 2SK117 and 2SJ74, but they have been purchased from various sources (most when I was in Asia), some have had their packages opened, and I'm keeping most of them. If I decide to sell any of these other jfets, they will not be sold in small quantities.

I prefer shipping the 2 packages of 2SK170 by USPS Priority Mail to USA addresses. I will accept cash, money orders and also Paypal (they will send an invoice to your email address on my behalf, and you can pay by card).

Thanks for considering these.


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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.