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FS: $300 Fostex FF125WK Planet 10 EnABL'ed drivers in Onken Cabinets (Fonken)

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Pair of Fostex FF125WK Planet 10 EnABL'ed speaker drivers in Fonken cabinets.

Great little pair of speakers, very musical and transparent. Full range drivers,
no crossovers, efficient enough to use with moderate powered tube amps
(e.g a push-pull 6BQ5) or small solid state amps like a GainClone or Mini Aleph.

Each speaker measures 9 inches deep, 9-1/2 inches wide, and about 13-3/8
inches tall. This particular Fonken cabinet was designed by Dave Dlugos at
Planet 10 specifically for these FF125WK drivers, so they're tuned to this
driver's parameters. The cabinets are made of high quality baltic birch ply,
and were built by Jon Parkhurst. I bought them from this forum when I had
just moved in to a new house and before my workshop was setup. Cabinets
have some imperfections, please see pictures for details.

Fast shipping and bullet proof packing, sent from Saint Louis, MO 63108.

The EnABL'ed Drivers currently sell for $220.
Asking $300 for drivers plus cabinets, not including shipping costs. No fees.









This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.