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FS: 3 Matched RCA 6BQ5 EL84

I am offering a Matched Triplet of RCA 6BQ5/EL84 vacuum tubes. If you never heard these, they are one of the best power tubes ever made with a rich, creamy sound signature.

They have O-getters. 2 have identical RCA labeling; 1 is dissimilar. Nevertheless, the construction is identical.

They have been tested for emissions in a restored and calibrated Sencore Mighty Mite III and for noise in my Eico HF-81amplifier. The tubes tested "like new" for emissions. They scored as follows:

Tube 1 = 90

Tube 2 = 90

Tube 3 = 90

Unfortunately, the Sencore MM3 manual does not provide information on minimum and maximum readings. However, the meter on the unit itself provides a "bad to good" scale, which this triplet is well within the good range. In addition, I just tested a brand new, never been used Sovtek EL84M (6BQ5 variant) purchased from Doug's Tubes. It measured 85. I also tested a slightly used new production JJ EL84 and it measured 82. Every one of the RCA's measured better than these two new production tubes at 90, so we can assume that they measure somewhere near Maximum and have lots of life left in them.

These are guaranteed not to be DOA.

I am offering these at $75 shipped to the CONUS. I prefer paypal (fees apply).

Please e-mail me if interested.