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FS: 2x Hypex NCORE 400 Modules, 2x SMPS600, ULNPS-HC4 Ultra Low Noise


2011-12-17 4:39 pm
I'm selling a never used ULNPS-HC4 Ultra Low Noise, High Current Power Supply for High Quality Audio for 70,00€, intl. shipping is incl.


Ultra Low Noise Positive, High Current Power Supply for High Quality Audio

<General Properties>
- Super Fast Recovery Diodes : Low Voltage Drop&Low Leakage Current
- Long life, Low Impedance Type Smoothing Capacitor
- Thin Film 0.1%/10PPM Low Noise Resistor
- Low ESR SMD Tantalum Capacitor
- High Precision & Ultra Low Noise Reference : LT1236ACS8-5
- Buffer : OP27
- Driver&Error Amp : LT1028
- Gold Plated PCB(Thickness:2mm/Size:132(D) x 89(W) x 54(H):mm)

1. Noise : Min. 0.9nV/√Hz ~ Max. 2.7nV/√Hz @1KHz
2. PSRR(Power Supply Ripple Rejection) : 132dB(Vs=8V to 30V)
3. Voltage Temperature Coefficient : 2ppm/°C
4. Short-Circuit Protected
5. Ultra Low Noise Positive Output
6. Max Current : 3.0A
7. Selectable Output Voltage : Fixed 5Vdc/Adjustalble 6~15Vdc
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