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FS: 2x F5T and 2x PS Boards Tea-Bag Version


2006-12-09 7:46 am
Hi all,
I bought a pair of Tea-Bag's F5T convertible boards and a pair of the matching PSU boards with the intent to build a pair of F5T monoblocks but won't have time in the near future now. I paid $81 shipped, and am asking $55 shipped. They're the 3mm thick white boards pictured in the bottom of the first page of his thread:

They are by far the thickest boards I've ever handled. Thick enough to beat someone with, and thicker than the 14-layer boards I worked on at CERN...

USPS money order or Cashier's check is most preferable. I've done transactions on the forum before and can provide references, along with my ebay feedback. I can also do Dwolla, which was introduced to me by another member I've bought from here. If no one takes them and wants to pay via those methods I'll take paypal as a last resort, but man do I really hate paypal. I mean hate...

Thanks for looking, and be well,