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FS 2x 40000uf 50V cap banks, grayhill 4deck, 2pole, 5pos rotary switch.

Two capacitor banks 40x 50V 1000uf Nichicon VX caps per bank, heavy copper rods tying the caps together. Looks good, unique. $50US or best offer.


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Grayhill mil spec rotary switch, 4 deck, 2 pole, 5 position. It's unused but has been sitting in one of my parts bins for some time. Two of the eyelet tops are broken off, but there's still enough tab sticking out to solder to. The tabs are silver. I measured each one for continuity. The part number is partially rubbed off. I couldn't find the exact replacement (number matching) on-line but found a few that look nearly identical...the closest ones wre priced in the $160US range... I want $30US for it.

Knob not included.

Edit the part number shows (SP) in the new numbering system that means single pole, but this switch is two pole, I measured both sides of every position to make sure.


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