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FS: 2A3 sinlge plate, 7 pieces

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FS: 2A3 single plate, 7 pieces

Hello SET amp freaks,

i am offering 7 pieces of 2A3 single plate. Made not later than 1934 and most of them are the highly sought-after sping loaded type.

6 of them are at 100% transconductance or better, one is slightly below 100%. One has parts of the getter break and the getter is not used up but as tiny flakes inside the tube; cosmetic flaw, performance not affected at all, G_m and emission at 100 and no shorts.

The 2A3 SP is hard to find nowadays, most of those offered on ebay are what i would call a "challenge trophy": bought, checked out to be something between deaf and dead, re-sold as "like new" on ebay. I had to buy 16 pieces to get those seven; the rest were challenge trophies :(

You may wonder why i give them away; i decided to settle on the German equivalent AD1 of which I managed to collect enough matched pairs to suit my PP amp needs. And i admit the AD1 sounds better to my ears even in a SET amp. But i am not selling AD1 :)

I am listening to serious offers (serious means US$200 for the >100% and US$ 150 for the slighly below 100%). This is the offer i have already but i want to make them accessible to you all and if i get this or more, i will be happy. So will the buyer. Highest bid will make it, i would like to sell them as a lot.

Email me with questions, please. Pixes available.
i wanted t let you know that the seven 2A3 single plate are still available.

The bargain is not in the price, it the condition which makes them worth to be jumped at. You will find a lot of 2A3 SP tubes on ebay promised to be NOS. As i can tell from own experience: few are. I bought 20 pieces to get those 7 the other 13 were claimed to be good to NOS and turned out to be junk.

I intend to put those tubes on ebay within the next two weeks but i wanted to offer them here before.
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