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FS. 24V Aikido

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I have for sale a 24V Aikido nearly complete. Only a couple of cheap caps and resistors needed. The amp is for sale because I had two for a balanced set-up but decided to go SE and fully completed only one amp. The amp includes the main board, HS-PS-1 power supply, Antek 100VA transformer. The board is populated with Multicap, Sonicap, Panasonic FC, and Blackgates caps. The resistor are Holcro, PRP, and Vishay Dale. This is by far the best sounding preamp/headamp I have heard. I blows my old Woo3 out of the water, even when it was loaded with pinch waist E88CC tubes. The amp is without chassis, attenuator, source selector... I am asking $400US shipped in N.A. with 4 tubes, add $25 for global shipping. I also will be listing many varieties of the 6GM8 tubes including Telefunken, Siemens & Halske, Aperex A-frame and halo, and Russian 6N27P
To be honest Fran, I simply love the Telefunkens and have a pair of the Russians that I swap in occasionally in the buffer section which beefs up the sound for heavy rock and roll. However, I mainly listen to jazz and don't roll much anymore. They are built like a tank. I paid $44US a pair plus heavy shipping from Russia to get them. This quad is brand new.
Ah thanks - 100% honest, its too rich for me. I have about 20 spares here and like you think the telefunkens are great. If the 6n27p were a cheap throwawayitem, I'd go for them. I suppose I was ruined by being able to buy the ecc86 when they were cheap.

To anyone watching, the 24v aikido is a really good sounding pre, very good headphone amp and easy to build..... only need a single 24v supply.
I have sent you some PM's over the past weeks about this, but unfortunately you have not replied. Hence, this post in the topic.

I have received the Aikido+PS+Transformer in good order. Unfortunately, the tubes were not in the package. You may have forgotten to include these. Nevertheless I have paid for them, and they were clearly in the description on this forum and in the PM-exchange we have had.

I would appreciate if you could revert to me and send me the tubes, or refund me via paypal.

A mistake is easy to make, but I do hope you can get back to me on this.

So far: :confused:, hopefully no :cuss: in the end.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.